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The entrepreneurial mindset: WHAT IS YOURS?

How can you measure your potential for success?

There is no shortage of “entrepreneurial tests” that claim to show whether you have the motivation and ability to start a successful new company. You know the drill. Can you take risks? Do you have a passion for your new venture? Do you have the organizational skill to make the new business a success? Unfortunately, answering “yes” to those questions doesn’t guarantee your success. In fact, at least 35% of all new businesses don’t live past their 5th year.

We all like to think well of ourselves. Indeed, research shows that entrepreneurs are often overconfident about their abilities. Before simply proceeding, you might find it useful to know where you stand on dimensions that are related to entrepreneurial success. That is precisely the information you get from the MCET. Armed with an accurate picture of your personal characteristics, you can make a better-informed decision about starting a company of your own.

If you would like to test your company, please contact us at kelly@mindcette.com.