17 072020

COVID-19 is here to stay. Now what?

by Betsy Shaver, VP of Operations How do you evaluate people when "in-person" is out? Today is July 17th, and in Virginia, where I live, it is four months to the day of when the state went on a mandatory lockdown consisting of multiple phases. One of the major frustrations of lockdown is that there

11 062020

The Reckoning.

by Betsy Shaver, VP of Operations Injustice is not new, even if it is new to you. How to describe this year? In March, we all began sheltering in place due to COVID-19. The pandemic put us all in uncharted territory, and we spent April figuring out what the “new normal” looked like. Then, May

06 082019

To Investors: Put Your Money Where Your Bias Is

By Betsy Shaver, VP of Operations Background Noise Human beings are messy. Complex. Mercurial. Our life experiences shape who we are and inform how we perceive the world around us as well as how we make decisions while navigating through it. As a result, or perhaps side effect, of our experiences, we all have biases.

29 042019

Takeaways from 2 National Studies

By Betsy Shaver, VP of Operations What we found might surprise you...it surprised us! We at MindCette have now completed two nationally representative studies of the entrepreneurial mindset - the first one in the Republic of South Africa; the second in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As I write this, an academic paper is underway which

19 022019

Non-Binary & the MCET

By Betsy Shaver, VP of Operations Last week, Business Insider published an article stating “Non-binary gender designations have been slowly making their way to some state IDs - and may be finally coming to airline ticketing. Airlines for America, the trade group that represents major domestic airlines including America, Alaska, United, Southwest, and JetBlue, announced

31 012019

Kelly Shaver Receives 2019 USASBE Wortman Award for Lifetime Achievement

Dr. Kelly Shaver was recently awarded the Max S. Wortman Jr. Award for Lifetime Achievement in Entrepreneurship. Read the entire article here.  

23 102018

The Other “F” Word

By Betsy Shaver, VP of Operations Anybody who knows me probably has a very specific idea about what the subject matter of this post will be. Surprise! I actually do know other “F” words. The one I am talking about in this context is failure. There are, of course, endless platitudes about failure. “If at

09 102018

The Island of Entrepreneurship

By Betsy Shaver, VP of Operations If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably used to feeling isolated, misunderstood, or like a lone wolf. Maybe you find this thrilling and it’s why you’re an entrepreneur. Maybe it sometimes feels debilitating and leaves you wondering, “Ok, now what?” As you ponder what to do next.  If you try to